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Easy Opera Wand Password Recovery

This isn’t really a security issue as noone would ever trust the Opera Wand anyway but if you need to recover a password from your wand database it can be quite annoying to setup a proxy server and sniff the network traffic or buy a Opera Password Recovery Software (if you’re not able to do the former).

But you’re lucky – here are some simple steps to get your password back …


1. Open the website where you stored your password before. You should see the yellow border around the input fields.
2. Press Ctrl+F3 or Edit – Source to open the sites sourcefile
3. Find the location of the username/password input tags. Above these tags there should be a line <form action=“…“ method=“POST“>
4. Change POST to GET and press Apply Changes in the toolbar
5. Go back to the website and press Ctrl+Enter to apply the wand data to the fields and submit the form.
6. Check the site URL in the address bar – you should see your password in plain text.

This should work with any website no matter if ssl is used or not. If the target site redirects you to a new URLs you can either change the action=“…“ to something that doesn’t exist or uncheck Advanced -> Network -> Enable Automatic Redirection.

Another way to get the password is using the Opera powerbuttons:

And yet another way is to:

1. Perform steps 1 to 3 from above
2. Change type=“password“ to type=“text“ in the input tag for the password
3. Press Ctrl+Enter on the website but stop the loading of the target website
4. you should see the password where you normally see the *******

Setting a Masterpassword right now might be a good idea … ūüėČ

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